Professional creativity and the quality of our products are the recipe for a successful feast. To achieve that, we use only fresh ingredients delivered by local vendors. Beef from cattle living on local meadows, selfmade bread, homecured fish and poultry are some examples for this promise. You will taste the difference!
A menu made from such ingredients may be:

Junge Blattsalate an Sherrydressing
Gebratener Zander auf Safran-beurre-blanc
Filet vom Weiderind in der Thymiankruste
und Beeren der Saison mit Quarkmousse

There are many dishes to be created in your mind.

Thanks to dependable purveyors we can offer you the freshest high quality products at any time you wish, freshly prepared on-site.
Exclusive for the brewery "Ganter" in Freiburg we invented a "wheat beer dressing".

In addition we refine products we buy to use them for our catering.